Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing

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We repair all models and brands of air conditioning units in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Northern Johannesburg.  When your air conditioner experiences problems such as not cooling efficiently, leaking, or any other issues, let us take care of it.   We are ready to receive your call!

IMPORTANT:  We don't work on small appliances such as vacuum cleaners (excluding Kirby and Rainbow vacuum cleaners), irons, kettles, sewing machines etc.  We provide repairs only on major appliances such as refrigerators, tumble driers, washing machines, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, etc.

We repair and service all air conditioning unit brands such as:
Defy, LG, Samsung, Carrier, Whirlpool, Jetman, HiSuper, All Air, Diaken, Hitatchi, Gree, Trane, etc

Our air conditioning service area includes all of Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Northern Johannesburg suburbs.


Room air conditioners

An air conditioner installed in a closed room turns the room into a giant walk-in refrigerator.  The air conditioning works on exactly the same principles found in all refrigeration systems, and has the same basic mechanical components.  Both appliances remove heat from inside an enclosed space and release it outside.  But the air conditioner has one feature that most refrigerators lack.  The air conditioner not only cools the air, but also removes humidity and dumps it outside.  The comfort of cool, dry air in our hot and humid climate, has made air conditioners basic appliances in thousands of South African homes.

Inside an air conditioning system
Behind the front panel of a room air conditioning system are two compartments separated by an airtight barrier.  In the compartment facing the room, cold evaporater coils cool the air:  in the compartment facing outdoors, heat is discharged from hot condenser coils.  An air conditioning compressor circulates a refrigerant from the coils, absorbing heat inside the room and expelling it outside.  Air usually circulates through the two compartments seperately, moved by a blower and a condenser fan.
Some air conditioning systems have an exhaust vent to draw stale air from the room.  Other components include a room air-filter, directional louvers and possibly, a thermostat to turn the compressor on and off.

The flow of air

Two seperate currents of air flow continuously through an air conditioning system.  Hot and humid air, drawn in from the room by the blower, passes across the cold evaporator coils where it is both cooled and dehumidified;  the cool, dry air is blown back into the room through the louvres on the front panel.  At the same time, in the second circulation system, air is drawn into the unit through side vents located outside the room.  The condenser fan then forces this outside air across the condeser coils, which contain refrigerant heated by the air inside the room.  The air from the side vents cools off the condenser coils and carries their heat outside the house.

How an air conditioner dehumidifies

An air conditioner will provide comfort as much by drying the air as by lowering its temperature.  Hot, moist air not only cools as it passes over the evaporater coils, but also loses its ability to hold moisture.  The air's water vapour condenses in droplets on the evaporater coils, drips into a collecting pan, and flows by gravity through tubes adding to a second collecting pan located under the condenser fan.  A rotating stinger ring, attatched to the fan blades and partly immersed in the pan, whips the water up out of the pan, and the fan flings it across the hot condenser coils.  The water helps to cool the coils, and then passes outside the house in water droplets.


Only an air-conditioning repairman has the tools and skill to test and fix the sealed, pressurized refrigeration system in your air conditioner, but some repairs, such as replacing a thermostat are simple;  Maintenance work is necessary to keep a unit operating efficiently.  At the start of the cooling season, oil the fan motor bearings, straighten bent coil fins and remove dust and lint from the coils.  Most important of all, clean or replace the air filter at the start of the cooling season and monthly during it:  dirty filters cause more unnecessary calls to servicemen than any other problem.  Central air conditioners, although basically similar to room air conditioners, are more complicated mechanically, and are much more expensive to maintain.  Many air conditioning owners buy a service contract that covers both the routine maintenance and emergency repairs.  Contact us for more details on our maintenance contracts.


Please note that this information is for your own educational purposes and we aren't suggesting tips for doing-it-yourself.  Repairing and servicing air conditioning units requires knowledge, training and experience.  Trying to fix something that you are not familiar with can be costly and, more important, dangerous for your safety.  For any air conditioner repairs call us at:

083 898 1198


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